Maximum Attack with Ziptie Rally, Top Scoob 026 DIRT

My name is Carl Siegler. I've been racing Subaru's for 3 seasons in the Rally America Central Regional Championship. A group of local Subaru enthusiasts make up my team, Ziptie Rally ( My codriver is Dave Goodman. My first car was a 2004 STI that was first run as an Open Light car for one season and then converted up to Open class for the following two seasons.

This year at RallyMN I crashed the 2004 hard at 90mph and decided to build a new chassis. A 1996 Impreza coupe was purchased immediately after getting home from the rally. Over the next 5 months the team and I put over 1000 hours into building it from the ground up. We did a lot of work including fully stitch welding the chassis, building a custom wiring harness, powder coating the entire shell and cage, and fabricating a lot of unique parts.

I've only run LSPR so far in this car (DNF'd after the DBW system failed) so not many action shots yet.

my car started out looking like this

after stripping the old race car

we began work on the new one

full build thread for more info

Ziptie Rally is sponsored by:
Gearhead Graphics
Graham Evans Motors
whiskersusa (at)
Import Image Racing
Morries Minnetonka Subaru
RS Motors
St. Paul Media
Team Powder (powder coating)

RA #171