2013 Big North West Subaru Meet

I've been involved in the North West Subaru scene for over a decade now but for the past two years I haven't attended one of the mega meets like WCSS or BNW. That time off gave me some fresh perspective on the state of the scene when I rolled into Bremerton Raceway early Sunday morning for the 2013 Big North West Subaru Meet. While I was disappointed not to see much in the way of the Old School and Hatch Patrol faithful the car count was well into the hundreds. Everything from dead stock to ridiculously over the top hammered on. The scene is as healthy and the people friendly and open as ever. What I did take away from Sunday's meet was that Subaru owners are still as interested in making every time they get behind the wheel of their car a spectacle for the senses as ever. The boxer rumble seems to get to us on a visceral level and bring out the smiles in even the most jaded.