Dances With Smurfs, Top Scoob 031

Hey I'm Dave, an Air Force Staff Sergeant, former active duty, now in the reserves. Putting on Tech Sergeant next Spring!

So I suppose I'd better start off with a story, and fittingly enough for this competition, mine starts in Iraq in 2009. Like everyone else here who's deployed, I didn't have much to do with the spare time I had -- lift weights, eat, lift more weights, and Skype home depending on the connection. I found myself looking for positive inspiration, which led to looking through online forums simply looking at pictures, thinking about what I'd do when I got home.

This Bugeye ultimately became the result of my efforts after coming home. Putting in the wrench time was a great way to slow down from the pace of being deployed, and as you can see, I've been busy. When I picked up this thing about 2.5 years ago, it had been completely stripped by previous owners and had fallen into disrepair. A lot of people in central Virginia know what this car went through to get to where it is. It's been a labor of love (and sometimes frustration) ever since wrenching the hell out of this thing to get towards that inspirational vision in my head I had while deployed.

Just recently I finished a long-term project -- a relatively aggressive shave, tuck, and relocate job in the engine bay. I relocated the battery to the trunk to SCCA standards, installed an in-line breaker, distribution block, relocated the fuse box, extended the engine harness, and put in new engine bay sheet metal, then smoothed it out and repainted everything in the garage over the course of many months.

The ultimate goal with the engine bay is like my concept for this build - a car should be inspirational. I hope this build inspires the community and look forward to working on this project for a long time to come.

Engine Bay/Performance

* COBB Accessport Stage 2 tune
* DEI heatwrapped JDM STi V7 TMIC (17% bigger than USDM STi TMIC)
* DEI heatwrapped Cusco turbo heatshield
* DEI heatwrapped K&N CAI
* Subimods aluminum alternator cover
* Gimmick Motorsports Aluminum Radiator with SAMCO hoses
* Red Perrin V2 silicone turbo inlet
* PnP and ceramic coated throttle body
* PnP and powdercoated red WRX intake manifold
* Gutted and heat-wrapped up pipe
* Gutted and heat-wrapped downpipe
* JNA Performance 3" catback
* JEGS trunk battery relocation kit with SCCA-legal in-line kill switch, circuit breaker, and power distribution box
* Relocated fuse box, windshield wiper reservoir, cruise control, and extended wire harness
* New sheet metal, shaved, and repainted by me


* JDM STi hood scoop
* JDM STi front grill with JDM Impreza badge
* STi fog light covers
* Spec C roof scoop, with red shapeways roof latch
* Prodrive front lip (rep.)
* JNA Motorsports Bugeye Vlimited lip
* Australian EGR rear lip
* WRB WRX sideskirts
* Debadged/Dewinged
* JDM STi V8 tail lights
* Gunmetal Koji mod headlights with OSRAM turn signals, painted to replicate the 2004-2005 STi JDM headlight color
* C/F STi side marker block offs

Interior (I will get some pictures of this setup soon )

* Prosport Amber/White Oil Pressure/Oil Temp/Volts setup in DEFI clock pod, both oil gauges using Prodrive oil galley adapters
* Additional Prosport Amber/White boost gauge connected to a A pillar pod
* All A/B/C pillars, roof scoop housing, center console, and roof liner either dyed or plastidipped black
* Black Leather/red stitch shift boot
* Short shifter with Kartboy shifter bushings
* STi shifter trim
* extended armrest
* Sparco shift knob
* Custom WRC stitched headrests
* JDM hazard
* MB Quart component speaker setup in custom internal sound-proofed door enclosure
* Red-lit head unit to match red gauges and red center console lights


* Gunmetal 18X8 Tarmac 2s wrapped in Nexan N3000s with carbon fiber STi center caps
* KYG AGX adjustable struts
* Tein S tech springs
* Kartboy rear diff bushings
* Kartboy steering rack bushings