JDM Gymkhana, Top Scoob 015

ECU and electronic devices:

Ver 4 STI Power FC with commander
GReddy Profec B boost controler
Greddy turbo timer
5 Defi BF gauges
oil pressure
oil temp
water temp
EGT(exhaust gas temp)
Monster Tach 10,000rpm with shift light
narrow band A/F gauge(soon i am going to get the wideband)
Z32 Mass air flow
Optima battery red top with home made relocation in trunk

Engine stuff and drive train:

RA EJ20G close deck block(had the EJ20K but rod bearing spun)
GReddy TD06 L2 20g turbo
Trust FMIC
no-name brand aftermarket headers with up pipe(japanese yahoo auction speical)
SARD 800cc injectors
SARD fuel pressure regulator
Nissan R33 GTR fuel pump
GREX big oil cooler
ORC twin plate clutch with push feature throw out bearing
2004 STI 6 spd tranny with DCCD(don't have the controler yet)
Cusco 2 way LSD
GReddy down pipe for TD06 turbo
3.5" exhaust(not sure of Manufactor came with the car)
Apexi ECV(exhaust control valve)
oil catch can(home made)
GReddy type S BOV
M's intake filter(not normally on car)


JIC FLT 2 with chamber plates
Cusco front and rear sway bars(stablizers)
Syms front tower bar
STI rear tower bar
Cusco H-frame support
cusco rear crossmember support
7 point roll cage
2004 STI laterial bars


stanless steel brakes lines
04 STI Brembos
Project Mu Comp B front brake pads
Project Mu E-brake pads
slotted front rotors
Drift E-brake button on lever


Ver 3 STI seat
Carbon Fiber STI ver 3 gauge cluster
Momo Steering wheel
driver side Sparco seat(looks like crap)


ISOTTA front lip spoiler(it's a look alike japan yahoo auction speical)
ISOTTA side skirts (it's a look alike japan yahoo auction speical)
ISOTTA rear lip (it's a look alike japan yahoo auction speical)
car fiber hood( hood so old it loss it gloss, primer painted)
ver 2 STI wing
Ver 3 head lights
ver 5 grill
Ver 3 and up tail lights

Wheels and tires:

17" 7.5J +53 Stock gold BBS rims wrapped with Dunlop Z1 Star Specs
17" 7.5J + 50 Volk Racing CE28's with DZ101 tires