TS Spotlight ... D Money's Bugeye Masterclass

Basically, I bought the car when I was a senior in HS. I started off with my first car being a full blown show car eclipse. Kandy paint, full wrapped interior, blitz kit molded, shaved everything. Man I was living in the fast and the furious for sure. Yeah, I know, where the **** did I come from. During that time, I pretty much had the nicest car in school, but I didn't keep it for long. I always wanted a wrx or sti, but at that time, I hated the style of the 04 headlights so I bought a bugeye. Before leaving the dealer, I already knew exactly what I was going to do to it. Make it all black, sooo jdm, c-west, works, jdm everything and that **** better be sitting on the ground. For me to make the switch from what we call now rice, to a super jdm'd out wrx, is wild. I'm glad I fell into this craze, but my wallet was definately hurtin by my new found love. By the time I started my freshman year at college, it already had 15k dumped into it. I started rebuilding it right away and since then, it's been through multiple changes. My problem is, I take something that is perfect and rip it apart just to redo it. That's exactly were I am right now. As far as theme goes with my car, it's all about being slammed, clean, and MAD JDM! I'm no stranger to Nasioc, but im sure all of you already know this.

With the most recent setup that most of you would know my car by was the nicest I feel it has ever been. I started that build to keep up with the rest of the locals, ie Billy boi, Adrive43, vf39hipsi, etc and I feel I did. No sooner did I get the car out from paint, not even wet sanded, the car was already off to it's first shoot in Subisport which hit stands in April 07'. I was excited at the time, now not so much. Either way, the next weekend I had off and was contacted by Jtuned to run a feature with them. I jumped all over that one because that's what I felt my car was all about, just being jdm! I hit the show scene for 07 with the car and it did good, but needed more. I was lined up to shoot with import tuner, but in the back of my head, I decided to just wait. Had I shot with import tuner, that would make my new setup have less of a chance of getting featured since that would have given me 3 in one year. Overall, it was a good decision in my eyes considering I still need publications for the new look. That brings us to our next episode.....

I set up to make next setup huge with the potential selling of my car, but it was all just a fluke. Right now the car is ripped apart and going through the next stage. I'll give you a hint, 550whp, dumped tuckin 18x9.5s and 255's, even more jdm than before, all wearing a whole new color and interior. I haven't decided yet if I want to ruin the new build by posting specifics, but we'll see.

-Forced Performance TD05H-18G (615cfm-40lb wheel)
-PnP exhaust housing
-PnP turbo inlet
-Polished compressor side
FP stainless steel oil line
Element Tuning external waste gate up-pipe setup w/dump tube
TurboSmart 38mm Ultra-gate
Turbo XS FMIC (custom polished)
Gloss black powdercoated i/c pipes
Modded Stock injectors @ 850cc's (cleaned and flow tested by KG Parts)
Walbro 255 L/Hr fuel pump
Perrin "Big Maf" intake
Perrin light weight pulley
Perrin Turbo inlet
Custom BOV mount on I/C pipe
Apex'i AVCR
Apex'i turbo timer
HKS wiring harness
Invidia catless downpipe
HKS Carbon-Ti catback
NX N-tercooler chiller w/10lb bottle
Cusco turbo heat shield
NGK spark plugs
Kartboy exhaust hangers
Tein hood dampers
LNR carbon fiber alt cover
LNR carbon fiber boost solenoid over
GTspec carbon fiber rad shroud
STI radiator cap
Autospeed battery tie down
EcuTek tuned by Andy@Xotic Motorsports
Target boost @ 1.45 bar

BRIDE XAX II's in hyper red gradation
BRIDE brackets/sliders
BRIDE door cards in hyper red gradation
BRIDE back seat in hyper black gradation
Takata long version harnesses (x2)
Sparco harness bar
I/O Port Racing video camera mount
Alpine IVA D310 pulse touch DVD player
Prodrive floor mats
STI shifter trim plate & shift boot
STI shift knob
STI I/C spray switch (for NX)
STI center console w/ dccd controller buttons
Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel (330mm)
NRG (short) steering wheel hub
NRG Quick release Ver. 2.5 (red)
STI key blank
Autospeed dead pedal
Broadway rear view mirror
Defi Hood pod
Defi control unit
Defi BF White 60mm guages
-Oil Temp.
-Exhaust Temp.
-Oil Pressure
-Water Temp.

Advan RG II's (Gold) 18x8.5 +45
Project Mu 355mm big brake kit
Project Mu Teflon/steel braided brake lines
Project Mu B-force pads
PowerSlot 12" rear rotor upgrade (custom powder coated PMu teal)
Hawk HPS rear pads
Tein Flex Coilovers (8kg/6kg)
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
Falken Azenis RT-615 235/40/18
Rays red extended lug nuts
Enkei red valve stems
Cusco titanium front strut bar
Cusco rear strut bar
Cusco V-brace

USDM STI DCCD 6spd tranny
ACT HD clutch w/street disc
STI axles
STI shift linkage
STI driveshaft
STI short shifter
Kartboy front shifter bushings
Kartboy rear shifter bushing
Turn in concepts shift linkage bushings
3.90 LSD rear differential

Authentic C-west ver. 1 kit
-Front lip
-Side skirts
-Rear lip
JDM STI headlights
McCulloch 6000k H1 HID's
JDM STI grill w/STI emblem
JDM pink subaru badge
JDM STI carbon fiber side markers
JDM STI hood scoop
JDM subaru oem rain guards
Chargespeed carbon fiber brake ducts
30% tinted windows by carpretty
SPT "black" licence plate bracket
Wingless trunk lid
Varis carbon fiber [b] pillars
Nukabe front & rear tow hooks
Rolled F+R fenders
-Trunk and keyhole
-Front licence plate bracket

Special thanks to:

Phil at 201motorsports
Robert at Fizzautosports
Ron at Axis performance
Drew at t3hclap.com
Martin at Liquid power coats
Alex and Andrew at Brainchild customs
Toyo tires
C-west usa
Earl at Stance usa
Team Emotion