A 410bhp Swapped GC, Top Scoob 011

I've been driving Subarus since the 2.5RS became available in the USA. I owned an N/A BRP 2.5RS for years but I was always left wanting something more. Then I found it. I've had her for about 5 years and she's undergone many changes. I originally bought the car on eBay with a version 6 swap. It was owned by a mechanic in eastern PA who had taken the RS to Lachute Subaru in Canada to do the original swap. That configuration didn't last very long. I upgraded to a 20g and FMIC, added a standalone EM and then decided to stop pissing around and give her a nasty powerplant - an Axis 2.5 liter block with forged internals.

My goals have always been to have a balanced power band with a versatile setup for any conditions - drag/track/road. But more than anything, I am in it for FUN. Not too much show here, just lots of go. Cars are meant to be driven. That said I have my share of "rare" parts and I haven't been all that spend conscious... as long as my wife is ok with it!

Current goal is to break into a 10 second 1/4 mile run on straight 93 octane. I'm very confident it will happen as soon as I install the new clutch. Engine is currently hanging from a hoist in my garage waiting...

So here she is, in full glory. Driven polished and clean in the summer, and dirty and salty in the winter wearing sleeper shoes.

Axis/RAW "Stage 3" shortblock, ACL bearings, coated pistons
Version 6 JDM Type-RA large port heads
Kelford 272/272 cams
Garrett GT3076R 0.82A/R (3-inch outlet)
Perrin EL header
Lateral FMIC/radiator
Carbotron carbon fiber intercooler piping (custom made by glhs377)
Helix titanium exhaust
Cosworth 12mm high flow oil pump
Moroso oil pan
Apex'i PowerFC ECU
Apex'i AVCR
Version 6 5-speed with DCCD, PPG 1-4 straight-cut gears, 3.9fd, R180 rear end
Cusco RS 1.5-way rear diff (R180)
RPS custom twin disc carbon clutch - expected to arrive shortly!

Leda Coilovers, custom "fast-road" spec
Group-N everything (top mounts, engine mounts, tranny mount, etc.)
Alu control arms
STI lateral link set
Cusco swaybars
Cusco chassis braces f/r
STI carbon strut tower brace
Cusco rear triangulated strut tower brace
Subaru 4-pots w/DBA 2-piece rotors, Ferrodo DS2500 pads
OZ Superleggeras w/RE01r for summer, RS 6-spoke with Blizzak WS-50 for winter (note, blizzaks + WOT = rear end smearing all over the road)

Pretty stuff
Genuine Prodrive RB5 rear wing
STI Version 6 body conversion - front lip, skirts, spats, grille, etc.
EDM 2002 WRX seats - the best Subaru seats ever
Version 6 dash, everything working including IC spray and DCCD
Defi 60mm gauges with genuine Defi pod

Braille battery
JDM front & rear aluminum bumper beams
aluminum hood
A/C system removed
Zeitronix AFR/EGT

There are probably a few things that I missed but that is the important stuff off the top of my head. She's been my baby since the day I bought her. I've spent waaay to much time and money on her but I don't regret it one bit. I drive her whenever she is running and I drive her very hard. Over the years I've replaced pretty much everything in the car. I've used multiple suspension setups, MAF vs. MAP setups, turbos, differentials and drivetrain components, gearsets, etc. I only ever settle on what is the strongest and best balanced. I've spent countless hours road tuning and have literally hundreds of map revisions. Throttle response is excellent and top end power is smooth as butter. The motor shines - I can run 24psi on 93 octane all day long. The gears whine terribly and the diff chatters. The EWG sounds like a screaming banshee. She's noisy as hell and eats dirt and asphalt and anything I can throw at her. Truly a street rally car on steroids and ultimately, a hell of a lot of fun!